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Hey Halina!

Watch extremely talented and illustrious professional, Halena talking about her experience at Fashion Folio. She loves us and endorses us with all her kind words and happiness. She works day in and out with modelling agencies, fashion photographers and modelling professionals. She doesn’t shy away from expressing how comfortable she finds to work with us and how we are her favorite!

The first time Magic!

Cute looking, girl next door, Tina came to us to build a modelling portfolio with different looks and expressions. Being a new-comer, she was less acquainted with the norms of the industry. However, that was the beauty of the shoot. She was just herself throughout and experimented excellently with modelling poses. It was a fun experience for us as an agency, as we got a chance to witness the innocent playfulness of an ambitious model who is working hard towards making her big modelling dream come true.

Shooting with Francine

Francine talks about her amazing experience with Fashion Folio at one of our modelling shoots. When it comes to models from another country, they find a little difficulty interacting with the photographers, explaining their comfort zones and needs. However, it was quite the opposite with Francine. Not only she was absolutely comfortable at the shoot, she appreciated how it was so easy for her to get acquainted with the team. Her shoot demanded multiple changes with an elegant mood throughout.

Calendar Shoot – BTS

Every year we launch a calendar which tells a lot about what we admire and believe in. One of our favorite calendar shoots revolved around the most beautiful element of nature- Womanhood & Femininity! Get a sneak peek to the ‘Behind the scenes’ of our calendar shoot with models & the crew and experience the magic that goes into the making of beautiful things.

Our Favorite Models Talk!

Fashion Folio, is more than just an atelier; it is an experience. An experience, which will take you from being an extraordinary person (which you already are) to becoming a Fashion statement!

Let our models tell you what we specialize in and how do we do it.
Your modelling portfolio is your Resume, which circulates from talent agencies to production houses. Why to compromise on something that is going to play such an important role in your career. Go with Fashion Folio- nothing but the best!

Hey Amreen!

Yoga is a healthy lifestyle and much more than just an exercise. It is a combination of physical and mental exercises that for thousands of years have hooked yoga practitioners around the globe.

Our yoga instructor- Amreen talks about the importance of Yoga in a fashion model’s life. She talks about various kinds of yoga and how it can help you maintain outer and inner beauty both. Modelling industry is full of everyday challenges and sometimes rejections, which can leave you stressed & exhausted. Yoga is a healthy way to reduce your stress by calming your mind and keeping you in shape at the same time.

Hey Diana!

Yes there are a hundred of beauty bloggers putting up make-up videos everyday. Almost all the girls by the age 17-18 know every product that is being used for a good make-up look. However, our beauty expert Diana here is talking about make-ups that are specific to a fashion model, whose everyday work is to go out on test shoots, auditions and fashion shoots.

Don’t miss the simple yet important hacks that you as a fashion model can apply to your daily lifestyle to avoid last moment panics at shoot! From how to keep your skin healthy and glowing to which shades of lipstick are meant for which days, our beauty expert Diana has some absolutely insightful.

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