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Types of modelling Career
  • Runway
  • Print Media
  • Fitness
  • Glamour
  • Body Part
  • Commercial
  • Promotional
Types of modelling Career

Runway Model

Fashion runway or catwalk models are usually tall with perfectly toned body working great with fashion walks. Runway models have precise standard figures to follow when it comes to body sizes, as they should fit in the designer garments. With the fashion weeks happening in every city and country, runway models have huge competitions in the fashion industry. Therefore, it is very important to be accurate in presenting a fashion portfolio to become a runway model. We are here to choose just the right shots, the perfect garments, the variety of poses and expressions to help you build just the spot-on modelling portfolio.

Types of modelling Career

Commercial Model

Print media models are considered to be commercial models, which means models need to look more like “real people” who are relatable by general public. The requirement of physical attributes depends on the target audience of the client. However, basic essentials are healthy glowing skin & hair along with attractive appeal. Unlike runway models, print media doesn’t require standard body dimensions. Great headshots combined with a variety in expressions works very well for print media models. Thereafter, the portfolio can extend in terms of mid length to full body shots.

Types of modelling Career

Fitness Model

Fitness models are models who have athletic, fit, and toned looking body. Their clients are majorly gymnasiums, health clubs, supplement product brands or sports brands. Since their area of work is quite different than that of other modelling categories therefore, their portfolios have to be different too. We at Fashion Folio, understand your requirement as well as your industry therefore we work for the accurate output. Our studio inventory and props give you numerous options to showcase yourself as a fitness model. We shoot on the locations that will add value to your hard work in achieving your aspiration. 

Types of modelling Career

Glamour Model

As the name suggests, Glamour models are generally more curvy and voluptuous than editorial fashion models, and they often work as swimsuit and lingerie models as well. Glamour modelling portfolio consists of photographs which is usually sexually suggestive or alluring than what a fashion model would do. Pinup models and people who appear in magazines such as Playboy are considered glamour models. We assist you in bringing out the best poses and expressions required to become a successful glamour model. We know how to capture you in your most sexy posture while keeping it classy and elegant at the same time.

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Body Part Model

Parts models specialize in modelling body parts like hands, feet, legs, and eyes. A hand model can book jobs for jewellery, nail, beauty-related products, and anywhere else a client requires a “perfect” hand. Likewise, a foot model can book jobs with shoe companies, nail and beauty products, and with clients who need “perfect” feet. When in comes to specific body part, clients look for well-proportioned body part models, who not only fit their products but also add extra glamour and appeal to it. Whether you are sure or confused about which body part model you want to be, we are here to help you with the same. Thereby, photographing a bang-on portfolio for you ready to take challenges of modelling industry.

Types of modelling Career

Promotional models

Promotional models are the ones who promote products or services at trade shows, conventions, and live events. They must be very outgoing, friendly, and have an excellent understanding of the client’s product because they may be required to talk about the product or answer questions from potential buyers. While you take care of your soft skills, we at Fashion Folio will take care of building a perfect portfolio for you. We are here to ensure that you look attractive, confident, presentable and powerful- just what is required from a promotional model.

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